Dictator Kim announced complete control over Corona, himself was a victim of high fever

Dictator Kim announced complete control over Corona, himself was a victim of high fever


North Korean dictator Kim Jong announces full control over Kovid-19
Kim’s sister said her brother had a very high fever
North Korea blames South Korea for the pandemic

sol, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday announced complete control of the global pandemic Kovid-19, saying that the country’s success will be recorded in the history of public health. At the same time, North Korea’s official news agency ‘Korean Central News Agency’ (KCNA) reported that Kim’s sister had a high fever. He blamed neighboring South Korea for the outbreak of this corona epidemic in North Korea. Along with this also warned of strict action against it.

Some experts believe North Korea has tried to downplay the outbreak to help Kim maintain tighter control over the country amid growing economic difficulties. He believes that the purpose of Kim’s announcement is to draw attention to other things in order to recover from the global pandemic. Meanwhile, South Korea’s unification ministry issued a statement opposing Kim’s sister’s remarks, saying it deeply regrets North Korea’s “extremely derogatory and threatening comments”. Which is based on his ‘absurd claims’ of the origin of the infection.

In May, North Korea confirmed that the ‘Omicron’ version of the corona virus infection had surfaced in the country. It reported 48 lakh ‘fever cases’ in a country with a population of 26 million. In this, only 74 people have been confirmed to have died.

According to KCNA, in his speech on Wednesday, Kim said that ‘we started the campaign to adopt extreme emergency measures against the epidemic from (May) … the daily cases of fever that were in the millions, after a month 90,000. It has come and gone continuously and since 29th July this fatal fever has not been reported in any case. He said that it is a wonderful miracle to control this disease in such a short time and make the country virus free zone again. Which will be recorded in the history of public health of the world.

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