After CEO posted a tearful selfie on LinkedIn, users split into two groups on the internet

After CEO posted a tearful selfie on LinkedIn, users split into two groups on the internet


Hypersocial CEO Brayden Walleck posts crying selfie
Walker explained that the effort was because some employees were fired.
This post has over 13,000 likes and over 2,200 comments

New York. The way a company’s chief executive officer (CEO) posted his crying selfie on LinkedIn after announcing layoffs of its employees has sparked a debate among users on the internet. Hypersocial CEO Brayden Wallack posted a picture of himself crying. In his post, Wallack tried to explain why he had to lay off some of his employees.

According to a report by, the post garnered over 13,000 likes and over 2,200 comments in less than 14 hours. Some users praised Walleck for sharing his story, while others expressed displeasure at the way Walleck announced the layoffs. Walleck started the post by saying, ‘This is the dumbest thing people will ever share.’ Taking the responsibility of his work, he said that he is in a dilemma whether to share the post or not.

“I’ve seen a lot of layoffs on LinkedIn over the past few weeks,” Walleck said in his post. Most of them are for the economy, or some other reason. Our? My mistake I decided in February to stop selling my core services and focus on a new service, a higher priced service.’ The CEO further said that ‘it was the toughest job ever. I wish I could own a business that was driven by money and I didn’t care how he got hurt along the way.’

He said that ‘I only see Logan that not every CEO segment is heartfelt and does not pass when people have to chant.’ Walleck said she loves all of her employees. “I know that’s not a professional way to tell my employees that I love them,” he said. But I hope they know how much I love them.’ Valk said that ‘I’ve always hired people based on who they are. People with great heart and great soul.’

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After this LinkedIn users were flooded with comments on this post. Wallack was praised by some and criticized by some. One user commented, ‘Love for your love and love for your honesty and love for your employees.’ At the same time, another said that ‘Anshu of crocodile, we are better than such people who pretend to be humanity’. Another user asked, ‘Why is it that CEOs never make bad decisions, by which they are judged? It is always the lower level employee who really needs this job.’

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