Bilateral relations will not improve! Russia warns America, there are many reasons

Putin's statement on America's response to the agreement, said- we are ready to deal with any situation


Moscow warns US to avoid border crossing
After being included in the list of countries promoting terrorism, there is no scope for improvement in relations.
The confiscation of Russian assets also completely put an end to bilateral relations.

Moscow. Russia has warned the US that there will be no room for improvement in relations between the two countries if it is included in the US list of countries promoting terrorism. This is a diplomatic point of no return. Russia says that this can completely end the relationship between the two countries. According to TASS, Alexander Durchev, director of the North American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, was asked in an interview whether the possibility of reducing diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington was being considered. In response, Darchiv said he did not wish to engage in fanciful speculation about what is possible and what is not in the current turbulent environment, while Western countries led by the US have completely trampled on international law and diplomatic processes. .

Darchiev said he would like to refer to the ongoing debate in Congress to declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism”. If the resolution is passed, it would mean Washington would suffer the most serious damage to bilateral diplomatic ties. It can even go to the extent of destroying the relationship between the two countries. He has warned America that after this there will be no scope of return.

Darchiev said that “if the US confiscates Russian assets in any way, it will also completely end Moscow’s bilateral relations with Washington.” “We warn Americans of the harmful consequences of actions that will permanently damage bilateral relations,” he said. Which is neither in his hit nor in our hit. Darchev also said that the US is increasingly becoming a direct participant in the conflict in Ukraine.

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