Shooting at Australia’s Canberra airport, 1 person detained, main terminal demolished

Shooting at Australia's Canberra airport, 1 person detained, main terminal demolished


The airport terminal was evacuated after the firing incident
One person was taken into custody and a weapon was recovered
Full details of the incident are expected to be revealed soon

Canberra. Australia’s Federal Police say the main terminal has been evacuated following a shooting at Canberra airport. One person was taken into custody. A weapon is also reported to have been recovered. The police said that after watching the CCTV footage, only the person detained at this time is being held responsible for the incident. There is no immediate threat to public safety.

According to news agency ANI, after the firing incident at Canberra Airport, the police have confirmed the arrest of a person. Police said that no one was injured in the incident. Police issued a statement on Sunday saying they took immediate action following a shooting incident at the airport’s main terminal building. One person was taken into custody and a weapon was recovered. The police is holding only one person responsible for the incident and is examining the CCTV footage.

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The Canberra airport terminal has been removed as a precaution after the firing incident. The situation at the airport is under control. Whereas the ACT police told the public that this time is at the airport. Police say they are working to resume flights from Canberra airport as soon as possible. Air service is expected to resume later in the afternoon. Flights of the planes have been stopped for the time being, some planes are still standing on the runway with passengers. A full statement on this incident is expected soon.

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