A woman in Brazil cheated her mother, together with people she cheated more than 100 million dollars

A woman in Brazil cheated her mother, together with people she cheated more than 100 million dollars


A woman cheated her mother in Brazil
More than $100 million in collusion with people
Woman hatches a strange plan to cheat 82-year-old mother

Rio de Janeiro. A 48-year-old Brazilian woman, Sabine Col Boghici, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly defrauding her mother of nearly $142 million. The woman is alleged to have hatched a bizarre scheme to defraud her 82-year-old mother of approximately 724 million riyals ($142.42 million), which included money, artefacts and jewellery. Genevieve Boghisi, the wife of the late art collector Jean Boghisi, was blackmailed and deceived by her daughter with the connivance of some people.

According to a report by Reuters news agency, the woman’s arrest has exposed a fraudulent technique that had been going on for years. Police say the fraud involved some alleged psychics to defraud millions of rupees from the work of some of Brazil’s most famous painters. Four others were arrested along with the woman and two others are absconding.

The fraud started in 2020 when a man from Genevieve predicted that his daughter would die soon. After this the victim was taken to several other people. Police say that these people used the personal information given by her daughter to take money from the mother. Police alleged that the suspects later threatened Genevieve with physical abuse and that her daughter kept her in the house for months.

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Gilberto Ribeiro, a Rio de Janeiro police officer, said Sabine and an accomplice began taking artifacts from the home, adding that the paintings contained some negative energy. After being abused by Sabine and her accomplices for almost a year, the victim decided to go to the police. Police say 16 expensive paintings were stolen. Later the police raided the house of a person and recovered 11 photographs.

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