France: Whale lost its way, experts decided to kill it, know the full story

France: Whale lost its way, experts decided to kill it, know the full story


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Difficulty in breathing, experts had to decide

Paris. Authorities in France say a beluga whale rescued from the Seine river a few days ago has died. Veterinarian Olivet Courtois said that during the rescue operation, the very vulnerable white mammal started having trouble breathing. In this case, the doctors decided to kill him to relieve his pain. Plans were being made to relocate whales to salt water in Normandy. It was first seen in the Seine River last week when it deviated from its normal Arctic route.

Marine conservation group Sea Shepherd France said doctors examining the four-metre-long beluga after it was pulled from the river found that its digestive system was not working, rendering it unable to eat anything. Veterinarians tried to get his digestive system fixed again. The plan was to keep the whale in salt water for several days to recover, after which it was to be released into the sea. For this he was being taken to the Normandy coast in a ‘refrigerated’ truck. Rescuers had previously said the relocation risked death to the whales because the process was so stressful.

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First published: 11 August 2022 00:15 IST


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