What is taught in the madrassas of Pakistan, where is the ‘placement’

What is taught in the madrassas of Pakistan, where is the 'placement'

The debate over madrassas is increasing in India. First in Assam and now in Uttar Pradesh, politics has heated up regarding madrassas. But if you see the condition of madrassas of Pakistan, then your senses will be blown away.

Madrasas of Pakistan

Madrasas of Pakistan (Photo Credits: Social Media)

New Delhi :

Madrasas in Pakistan: Madrasas in Assam have been demolished for being linked to terrorist activities. However, there is an ongoing controversy regarding this. This controversy did not end, but a new controversy started when the survey of mothers in Uttar Pradesh came to the fore. Asaduddin Owaisi termed the survey as a small NRC, although the BJP has clarified that it is being done for the benefit of Muslim students. There is a constant debate on what is being taught in madrassas in India and what will be the future of the students, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the state of madrassas in Pakistan.

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According to a report, there are about 40 thousand madrasas in Pakistan. Now the big question is that if the madrassas in India are not doing well then what is being taught in the madrassas of Pakistan. Where does the placement take place? Let’s take a look at a BBC report to find out. According to this report, a large number of terrorists are trained every year in the madrassas of Pakistan. American think tank Baltimore Post Examiner also released a report, in which many revelations related to Pakistani terrorism were made. It also talks about the training of terrorism in the madrassas of Pakistan. If you are thinking that this only spreads terror in Kashmir then you are wrong.

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Darul Uloom Haqqaniya Madrasa is one of the largest and oldest madrassas in Pakistan. The students of this madrasa are among the founders of the Taliban. Not only this, among the prominent leaders of Taliban, Mullah Abdul Latif Mansoor, Maulana Abdul Baki, Najibullah Haqqani, Noor Mohammad Saqib, Mohammad Naeem etc. have also studied in this madrassa of Pakistan. It is clear from these reports that the madrassas of Pakistan are centers of terror.

The condition of madrassas in Pakistan proves that there is a need to keep an eye on such madrasas in India as well. It is also claimed that there are links in madrassas of different countries and these may also be in madrasas in India and Pakistan. Now how true this thing is, this situation has not happened yet, but this claim is scary. At present, all eyes are on what is happening in the survey of madrasas of Uttar Pradesh.

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First published: 03 Sep 2022, 11:24:31 am

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