‘Volcano’ fame Anne injured in car accident, critically injured actress hospitalized

'Volcano' fame Anne injured in car accident, critically injured actress hospitalized

Anne Heche car accident: Hollywood actress Anne has been seriously injured in a road accident. His car rammed into a house in the Mar Vista area of ​​Los Angeles, setting several parts of the house on fire. In this accident, Anne also got burnt. The fire brigade was called to put out the fire. Anne Hache was one of Hollywood’s top actresses in the 90s. He starred in many superhit films including ‘Volcano’, ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’, ‘Donnie Brasco’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’.

Anne Heche (Anne Heche car accident), TMZ reports The car accident happened Friday morning in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. This place was not far from Anne’s house. Anne was going somewhere in her blue Mini Cooper car. TMZ has shared several videos related to the incident. In one of these videos, Annie is seen going fast in the car. The car was badly damaged at the accident site.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the car collided with a two-story home and burst into flames, Fox News reports. The car first hit the garage of the house i.e. the parking area. The Los Angeles Fire Department said it took 59 firefighters about 65 minutes to put out the fire related to the collision.

The car collided with another house and caught fire

According to eyewitnesses, Anne’s car initially crashed into a garage in an apartment complex. Residents in the apartment complex tried to get Anne out of the car, but she tried to overturn the car and then her car crashed into a nearby house, setting her car and house on fire.

Hollywood Anne Heche

Actress Anne Heche. (Photo Credits: Instagram @anneheche)

Burn Injury to Anne Heche

According to the report, Anne had suffered serious injuries. She was awake and gasping for breath when she was put on a stretcher to be taken to the hospital. His condition is improving. Anne is now 53 years old. He has appeared in several American TV shows as well as movies.

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