Arya Walvekar of Virginia won the title of ‘Miss India USA’, acting in films is Karna Fanhi.

Arya Walvekar of Virginia won the title of 'Miss India USA', acting in films is Karna Fanhi.


Virginia’s Arya Walvekar wins ‘Miss India USA’ title
Arya Walker is fond of acting in films
Second place to Soumya Sharma, a student of ‘Virginia University’

Washington, Indian American teenager Arya Walvekar from Virginia has won the title of ‘Miss India USA’ this year. Arya (18) was crowned ‘Miss India USA 2022’ at the annual pageant held in New Jersey. Aspiring to become an actress, Arya said, ‘It has been my childhood dream to see myself on screen and act in films and television.’

Arya Walvekar said that she enjoys visiting new places, cooking and debating various issues. Soumya Sharma of University of Virginia stood second and Sanjana Chekuri of New Jersey stood third. The tournament marked its 40th anniversary this year and is the longest running Indian title tournament held outside India. The competition was first organized by New York-based Indian-American philanthropist and Neelam Saran under the banner of ‘Worldwide Peasants’.

Dharmatma Saran, Founder and President, Worldwide Pageants said, “I am grateful for the support of the Indian community across the world over the years.” Akshi Jain from Washington State was crowned ‘Mrs India USA’ and Tanvi Grover from New York was chosen as ‘Miss Teen India USA’. 74 contestants representing thirty states participated in three different competitions ‘Miss India USA’, ‘Mrs India USA’ and ‘Miss Teen India USA’.

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The winners of all three categories will get a chance to travel to Mumbai early next year to participate in ‘worldwide pageants’ organized by the same group. Singer Shibani Kashyap, ‘Miss India Worldwide 2022’ Khushi Patel and ‘Mrs India Worldwide’ Swati Vimal participated in the program.


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