Troubled by expensive and slow WiFi, a person made his own fast network, now the government asked for a connection of 20 crores

man builds own broadband

Most of the people in the world have internet connection. We select the best network available near us and connect it with us. You will get a choice of broadband connections in India from JioFiber to Airtel and others. Many times it happens that our internet starts working very slow. Then we will be, even after WiFi, the child is going at such a slow speed. Sometimes we change relationships out of desperation. But the person who we are talking about living in America, solved it differently.

This person living in rural areas of America was troubled by the slow download. Because of this, instead of joining other networks, he made his own network. He has built this broadband ISP in his backyard garden. Its speed is so fast that it is failing the rest of the network. As soon as the government came to know about the exploits of this man, it asked for a connection by paying crores of rupees to that man. Soon one person’s personal network can be used in other homes as well.

Idea came from expensive bill
The man has been identified as Jared Match. This man got the idea to build his own network when his previous connection bill was thrown in his face. All of a sudden it’s a day ask slow some expensive wifi ask the bill came home. Jared got angry after seeing his broadband bill of around Rs 38 lakh. One, his connection was slow, seeing such a high bill from above, his anger reached the seventh heaven. That’s when he decided to build his own network.

man builds own broadband

ready in five years
This extensive connection began to form a network in Jard in his own right. It took Jared five years. Jared built an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the back garden of his house. Its speed is so fast that seeing it, the neighbors of Jard also started asking for connection to it. The first Jard gave connections to about seventy neighbours. But now the government has given crores of rupees to Jard to send this connection to about six hundred houses. Jared’s network is not only fast but also very cheap. Jared is being discussed a lot due to his uniqueness.

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