Tension over Japan’s falling birth rate! Of pregnancy belly, this is the male minister in charge working with Masrab

 Tension over Japan's falling birth rate!  Of pregnancy belly, this is the male minister in charge working with Masrab


Japan’s lowest birth rate in a decade in 2021
PM Fumio Kishida appointed a new minister for this
Japan’s population declined by 6,28,205 in 2021

New Delhi. The sharp drop in the birth rate in Japan has raised concerns. Japan has been trying to increase the birth rate for the past decade, but the population is decreasing instead of increasing. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has replaced Seiko Noda, the female minister appointed to raise the birth rate, and replaced him with a male minister, Masanobu Ogura. Ogura has taken a unique approach to increase the birth rate in the country and create awareness among the people. To increase her understanding of this issue, Ogura has started Pregnancy Belly. The declining birth rate in Japan is becoming a challenge for the country’s economy. That’s why PM Kishida on Wednesday gave the responsibility of handling the issue better to Masanobu Ogura, a former Bank of Japan official.

Earlier in the post, Seiko Noda, the leader of the ruling LDP, in an interview described the population crisis as a serious blow to Japan’s economy, at the apathy and ignorance of Japan’s male-dominated political world. has been made. Japan’s PM is under pressure from all around to increase the country’s population, so he has given Ogura the responsibility of increasing the birth rate in the country. Ogura carries around 7.3 kg of fake fire in his daily routine. They are married and this method is used to spread awareness among the people.

On this issue, Ogura said, ‘This will help the authorities to understand the difficulties women face in carrying a child during pregnancy.’ Ogura said that when she wears this pregnancy belly, her back hurts and every time she goes out wearing it, she worries that someone might push the pregnancy belly. Ogura wrote on Twitter, ‘This does not mean that I have a better understanding of population policy than others. But now I definitely feel that I want to spend more of my time as an MP in helping pregnant women.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida appointed Ogura, saying that Ogura has a young and fresh approach to solving the problem of falling birth rates. According to a Reuters report, in 2021 Japan will have the lowest birth rate during the last century, which is a matter of great concern. In 2021, only 8,11,604 babies were born in Japan. At the same time, 14,39,809 people died in the country this year. That is, the natural population of the country has decreased by 6,28,205.

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