Taiwan China issue: Taiwan prepares to challenge China, then starts ‘live fire drill’

 America will help Taiwan in fighting China!  1 billion dollars will be given weapons, this dangerous missile will also be included


Taiwan also studied its military and said it was preparing for self-defense.
Taiwan said China’s military exercises reflect its ambitions to control the Western Pacific.
Study Taiwan’s military for an hour on Thursday.

New Delhi: Following the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan has not stopped controversy. In protest against Pelosi’s visit, China fired missiles around Taiwan (the Sino-Taiwan conflict), and then conducted aggressive military exercises on the territory of Taiwan. Taiwan has also become cautious after seeing the attitude of China. Meanwhile, Taiwan once again conducted live fire drills on Thursday. It is believed that Taiwan has taken this step in response to China’s military exercises.

Taiwan had earlier conducted live file drills on Monday-Tuesday and now a day later on Thursday again conducted live fire drills. However, speaking about Monday’s exercise earlier on Thursday, Taiwan’s Eighth Army Corps spokesman Lu Wei De said the exercise, which was earlier scheduled for Monday, was not conducted in any way in response to China.

Howitzers fireballs into the sea
An army spokesman said on Thursday that today’s live fire drill included howitzer firing and target flares as part of a defensive exercise. He said the fire drill began at 0830 a.m. (0030 GMT) in Taiwan’s southernmost county, Pingtung, and lasted for about an hour. In a live fire drill, soldiers fired one by one from howitzers into the sea.

The military exercises from the Taiwanese side began once China increased its military exercises in the Taiwan Strait after the deadline. After this Taiwan also became alert. Hundreds of soldiers and 40 howitzers were deployed from the Taiwan side in Thursday’s exercise.

China accuses US of infringement
After Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China accused the US of violating a Chinese policy called the United States. China began military exercises in Taiwan this week after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Taiwan said on Tuesday that the Chinese military exercise was not only a rehearsal for an invasion of the self-ruled island, but also reflects its ambitions to control large areas of the western Pacific. Meanwhile, Taiwan has also studied its army and said it is preparing for self-defense.

Let us tell you that China claims Taiwan as its own. He has long said that Taiwan could be forcibly incorporated into mainland China if necessary. He has been opposing the visit of foreign officials to Taiwan. He also responds quickly to any comments about Taiwan.

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