Swimming, driving and even a job… Afghan women get freedom in Australia

Swimming, driving and even a job... Afghan women get freedom in Australia


About 20 Afghan women learn to swim in an indoor pool in Sydney
Sahar Ajiji came to Australia with her husband and kids and learned driving
Helping women learn swimming and driving as they find jobs

Sydney, About 20 Afghan women come to learn swimming at an indoor pool in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. All of them have reached Australia as refugees. An Afghan woman who arrived in Australia nearly two decades ago offers swimming lessons as well as an insight into the country’s beach culture. Maryam Zahid, who arrived in Australia from Afghanistan 22 years ago, said her training helps women develop their identity and cope with the trauma of war. who destroyed his country.

According to the news agency Reuters, Zahid said, ‘It is something that will affect the psychological and emotional aspects of his life first and his identity as a human being first. We are preparing lists for them. Memories of freedom, joy and opportunity.’

A year after the US-led coalition’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, tens of thousands of Afghans have been resettled in the US and Europe. Australia initially allocated 3,000 humanitarian visas to Afghans after August 2001. It said earlier this year that it would allow 15,000 more refugees to come to Australia over the next four years. Zahid’s ‘Afghan Women on the Move’ program helps refugees. Many of these radical Islamists fled Afghanistan after the Taliban movement returned to power. Zahid helps women find jobs by teaching them to swim and drive.

A top commander of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan was earlier killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan

They believe that these women can no longer go back to Afghanistan, where the government has significantly curtailed the rights of women and girls. Girls are prohibited from attending high school. Sahar Azizi, a woman who arrived in Australia with her husband and child a year ago, said, “Instead of sitting at home all the time thinking about the bad situation in Afghanistan, I decided to start my studies and driving. I decided to move forward so that I can do something for myself and achieve my dreams and goals.

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