Social media was the biggest threat to my life during The Satanic Verses: Rushdie

Program going by tweet, slept in the field, hearing the news of Rushdie's life, here was the attacker's reaction?


Salman Rushdie believed his life was ‘normal again’
When The Satanic Verses was written, the danger was greater in the age of social media
Rushdie said – luckily there was no internet

New York. Salman Rushdie believed that his life was ‘very much back to normal’ and that the threat of attack was at first. In an interview two weeks before Friday’s knife attack on a stage in New York, Rushdie said that when he wrote The Satanic Verses, his life was in far greater danger than on social media. Rushdie said that there was such a threat to my life that there was no limit to it.

According to a report in The Guardian, novelist Rushdie is currently in hospital. He was stabbed several times in the throat and abdomen. His agent, Andrew Wyllie, said his liver was damaged and he was suspected of having lost an eye. Hadi Matar, 24, has been charged with attempted murder and assault over the alleged assault. Rushdie, 75, was speaking at a literary event at the Chautauqua Institute in New York State when he was attacked.

A fortnight ago, Rushdie spoke to a German newspaper about his safety. The author said that his life was in too much danger when he was around social media when he wrote The Satanic Verses. Tab Ana Jeevan Par ‘Excess account is the limit of the account.’ Rushdie said the fatwa was a serious matter. Luckily we didn’t have internet then. Iranians sent fatwas to mosques by fax. The fax machine he used against me is like a bicycle instead of a Ferrari compared to the Internet.

Hadi Matar accused of killing Salman Rushdie

Rushdie said that was a long time ago. My life is back to normal now. Asked what he fears now, Rushdie said what he would call religious bigotry in the past. I don’t say that anymore. The biggest threat facing us right now is democracy. Rushdie also expressed serious concern over the US Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion rights. Rushdie said that many people today are living with the same dangers that were in front of me at that time.

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