Shooting in Ohio, USA, 4 people killed, police investigating the matter

Shooting in Ohio, USA, 4 people killed, police investigating the matter


Police said they are searching for a man identified as Stephen Marlowe (39) in connection with the shooting.
In this incident 4 people including a minor girl died.
The police have also shared the information of the accused.

ohio Four people died in a shooting in Ohio, USA. Security officials are searching for the man with the weapon. Butler Township of Montgomery County Police said officers were called to the area after the shooting. Chief John Porter said the bodies of the four victims had been recovered. Police said they are looking for a man, identified as 39-year-old Stephen Marlowe, who fled the scene in an SUV. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office on Saturday identified the victims as Clyde Knox (82), Eva Knox (78), Sarah Anderson (41) and a 15-year-old girl. Porter said it was not immediately clear what led to the shooting.

Porter said police received information about the shooting just before noon Friday. After this the police team reached the spot and recovered the bodies of four people, who died on the spot in this firing. “This is the first violent crime in the region and we are investigating whether there was a motive behind the shooting or whether it was motivated by mental illness,” Porter said.

Porter said that if people knew about the whereabouts of accused Marlowe, they should immediately notify the police. Butler Township is a town of 8,000 residents located approximately 9 miles north of Dayton. Talking about defendant Marlowe’s physical description, Porter stated that she stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs about 160 pounds, and has brown hair. Authorities believe Marlowe, 39, was wearing shorts and a yellow T-shirt and ran away in a 2007 white Ford Edge. (Input from ANI)

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