Poland: Skeleton of female vampire found in grave! A sickle stuck in the throat, the truth will be lost

 Poland: Skeleton of female vampire found in grave!  A sickle stuck in the throat, the truth will be lost


According to reports, in the 11th century, Europeans were very afraid of vampires.
Fearing vampires, people used to burn the dead bodies of their relatives in their graves.
People believed that even after death, vampires would come back and kill humans to drink blood.

Warsaw. The Department of Archeology in Poland has found something shocking. During the digging of a grave in the 17th century, such a grave was found, which surprised everyone. The skeleton of a woman has been found in it. Thank you, is everywhere. It is feared that if this woman was alive again, she would have cut off her head and left it in the grave. According to the Daily Mail report, Nicolaus Copernicus University’s Professor Dorrij Polinsky, head of the archeology team investigating the entire case, said that the skeleton’s teeth were as sharp as that of a vampire. The women wore silk caps. Evidence of this is found in the thread of the cap found inside the tomb.

According to the report of Smithsonian Magazine, people of Europe were very afraid of vampires in the 11th century. They performed anti-vampire rituals and placed items in the graves of their dead relatives. Because in that century some people believed that vampires would come back and kill humans for drinking blood. Therefore, while burying them, they used to put a thorn around the grave. Around the 17th century, throughout Poland, people believed to be vampires were buried with thorns around their necks. This tradition continued for years. Professor Dorridge Polinski said that many times these scissors were inserted into the hands and feet.

It was also mentioned that the burial was a process of turning the body upside down in the tomb. So that he would open his mouth to eat his soil, people would burn it in the grave. Apart from this, they were crushed by stoning. Apart from this, many more such graves have been found in Poland, in which technology was adopted to stop the vampire. Like the skeleton, metal chains were also hammered in many places. The recovered female vampire skeleton contained sickle-sharp weapons on her neck and legs. So that he could not get up in any way.

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