Moscow: Ukraine media claim – a woman set fire to the car of Russian officers

Moscow: Ukraine media claim - a woman set fire to the car of Russian officers


Petrol was used to set the car on fire
Vladimir Putin ordered thousands of troops to enter Ukraine on 24 February.
No country has told how many soldiers were killed

Moscow. The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. Meanwhile, there is news that a woman set fire to the car of Russian officers in Moscow. According to Ukrainian media, this woman was protesting against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. During this, he set the car on fire. At present, there is no news of any casualty in this attack. Meanwhile, the local police have taken the woman into custody.

According to The Kyiv Independent, the woman used petrol to set Secretary Yevgeny’s car on fire. Yevgeny is said to be the official responsible for Russian media censorship of information about the military and its operations.

threat to nuclear plants
Meanwhile, concerns have risen over the risk of a potential radiation leak from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, following claims and counter-claims from Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian officials claimed on Saturday that Russian forces had fired missiles and artillery into Ukrainian-held areas across the Dnieper River near Europe’s largest Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. At the same time, Russia claims that the shells fired by Ukraine fell on the building where nuclear fuel is stored.

more than 6 months to war
Let us tell you that on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered thousands of soldiers to enter Ukraine. Moscow’s army met unexpectedly harsh resistance from Ukraine, and the six-month battle changed lives in Ukraine and had a serious impact on the world economy. There is no sign of the war ending soon. Russia now owns a large part of the country’s east and south, but its dominance is weakening day by day. No country has disclosed how many soldiers it has lost during the six-month conflict. (with language input)

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