Johnny Depp’s bodyguard asked this question, the actor laughed in the courtroom

Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp Amber heard the case

Mumbai: New revelations are being made every day in the ongoing legal battle between Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor has filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber, whose trial is going on in a Virginia court. In this case, Johnny and Amber (Johnny Depp Amber Heard Case) have revealed many shocking secrets about each other. In such a situation, it happened on many occasions when people lost their laughter during the debate on serious issues. One such occasion came when Johnny Depp’s bodyguard was asked about the actor. Hearing this question, everyone present in the courtroom including Johnny Depp laughed.

The court also questioned Johnny Depp’s driver, agent and bodyguard during the trial. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard was asked in court if he had seen the actor toilet. Hearing this strange question, everyone present in the courtroom including Johnny Depp laughed. Johnny Depp’s bodyguard is asked by his ex-wife Amber Heard’s lawyer.

Actually McCollum Connolly has been Johnny Depp’s bodyguard for 23 years. In such a situation, Amber Heard’s lawyer questioned McCollum Connolly via a video link during the shooting of Johnny Depp’s film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales’ and asked if McCollum visited the actor at his home in Australia. Were. He was urinating. The lobby and its private part were seen.

Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp Amber heard the case

Amber Heard’s lawyer asks Johnny Depp’s bodyguard a strange question. (Photo Credits: ANI)

In response to this question, McCollum said that he heard voices and saw Johnny. However, Amber’s lawyers seemed somewhat dissatisfied with McCollum’s response. In this way he clarified his question whether McCollum had seen Johnny Depp’s private part. To which McCollum replied – ‘If I see Mr. Depp’s private part, I will remember.’ On hearing this, he hides his face and starts laughing. At the same time, other people present in the court room also started smiling at McCallum’s answer.

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