Grammy Award winner Naomi Judd dies at 76, singer battling dementia

Ashley Judd

Five Grammy Award-winning singer Naomi Judd died on Saturday. She was 76 years old. She was suffering from mental illness. Naomi’s daughter Ashley Judd took to social media to confirm this in a tweet. In it he wrote, “Today is a day of tragedy for us sisters. Today we have lost our beautiful mother. She was mentally ill. We are broken. We are deeply shocked. We all love her.” She was loved by her public (fans). We are in shock.”

Singer Larry Strickland, husband of Naomi Judd (Naomi Judd Husband), said that Naomi died in Nashville, Tennessee. He did not provide any other details about Naomi’s death and asked people to maintain confidentiality due to the family’s grief. According to reports, Naomi was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame with daughter Ashley on May 1.

Ashley Judd

(Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Ashley Judd)

Naomi Judd Song and her daughter Winona Judd formed the country music duo The Judds in 1983. After her last tour, Naomi suffered from depression, panic attacks, anxiety and tremors. Naomi scored top-10 hit songs with her daughter Winona and won music award shows for 8 consecutive years.

This song won the Grammy Award

Their first song, Had a Dream (Dil Ke Lie), was released in 1983, and it reached number 17 on Billboard. As a songwriter, Naomi won a Grammy Award for ‘Love Can Build a Bridge’. It was sung by Judds and was named Country Song of the Year.

Singer Maren Morris

After the news of the death of Naomi Judd, many celebs have mourned the death of the veteran singer. Singer Maren Morris tweeted: “Rest in Peace, Naomi Judd. Saw ‘Love Can Build a Bridge’ a few weeks ago.

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