John Cena Celebrates 20 Years on WWE Raw, Gets Emotional – Watch Cute VIDEO

John Cena Celebrates 20 Years on WWE Raw, Gets Emotional - Watch Cute VIDEO

john cena (John Cena) has given a lovely message to his fans in a special promo video. Actually, he celebrated his 20th anniversary with WWE in the latest event of ‘WWE Raw’. John Cena has been a 16-time world champion. She is busy in Hollywood these days. According to media reports, he was last seen in ‘SummerSlam 2021’.

John Cena was seen battling Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at ‘SummerSlam 2021’. In the promo, John thanked his fans for supporting him. In Monday night’s live event, he did not wrestle with anyone, but gave a beautiful message to the fans.

John Cena has become emotional while thanking his fans. He expressed happiness that fans have been with him since his debut on ‘WWE Raw’. John Cena while addressing the audience said, ‘You have been creating such an environment for me for 20 years, so that I can express myself in the right way.’

Fans are desperate to see John Cena in the ring
John Cena ended his talk by saying, ‘We never give up. We are just getting started. In his promo, Cena also said that whenever he returns to the ring, it will not be for just one match. Fans are excited to see who the superstar will pick as his opponent when he returns in his first match.

John Cena talks about his return to WWE
John Cena is quite popular among the audience due to his brilliant personality and fighting skills. John Cena spoke about his return to WWE in an interview with Chris Hardwick last year. He said, “Coming back to WWE is like stepping into a new world. A new cast of characters, a new plan with the company, a new stage, a new atmosphere, it’s a new challenge.’

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