Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck engaged again after 20 years, will get married this time!

Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck engaged again after 20 years, will get married this time!

Hollywood singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck have decided to continue their love affair once again. After 20 years, both of them got engaged once again. After her breakup with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez became close again with Ben Affleck, and a romance began between the two.

Jennifer Lopez’s rep has also confirmed her engagement to Ben Affleck. Recently there were rumors that the two have got engaged again. Sealing the rumours, the singer also shared a post on social media saying that the engagement news has been put to rest.

Lopez herself gave the good news
Music is playing in the background in the video shared by Lopez. Lopez’s voice ‘You’re perfect’ is also heard in the video. He wrote on his Instagram, I am excited to announce this. However, when the two got engaged, it was not disclosed. Apart from parties, events, red carpet, Hollywood stars have also been seen spending quality time with each other.

20 years ago the fans gave the name ‘Bennifer’
The couple was together 20 years ago. Both were also named ‘Bennifer’ by their fans. In the year 2002, both of them got engaged, but after the engagement, distance and distance started coming in their relationship and both of them broke the engagement.

Three Marriages Wrong by Lopez
Lopez was first married in 1997 to actor Eugene Noah, which broke up in 1998. Lopez then married American actor and choreographer Chris Judd in 2001. This marriage lasted only two years. After this Jennifer married American singer Marc Anthony in 2004. Mark and Lopez had been married for 10 years and separated in 2014. After this news, fans are speculating whether they will be able to get married this time?

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