Google TV update to improve boot time, performance, storage: Details

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Google TV is improving its boot time, performance, and other features for managing storage on smart TVs with a new software update. The new changes are said to make the home screen load faster on Google TV. Performance is improved across multiple verticals, including live tab loading, homescreen scrolling, or using the Kid Profile. Chromecast along with Google TV was launched in India last month. It comes with support for leading streaming platforms and offers 4K HDR video playback at 60 frames per second (fps).

according to recent Post On Google’s support forums, Google TV is being updated to work with better performance, speed, and storage. The American tech giant has reduced the time it takes for the Google TV home screen to load with CPU optimization and cache management improvements. Now, the Google TV homescreen is expected to load faster on startup, making it possible for users to browse shows and movies quickly.

The company has also improved the navigation feature, which is said to make scrolling within tabs and switching between tabs more responsive. Google TV will now use less RAM, live tabs also load faster, and users can expect to see less loading animations when switching tabs. Image caching optimizations have also been introduced, reducing the time it takes to switch child profiles.

Google is also bringing a Free Up Storage menu in the Settings bar that will allow users to clear the cache and free up storage space. This feature is made available on Chromecast with Google TV and also in upcoming system updates for Smart TVs with Google TV. To clear space, go here Settings > System > Storage > Free up storage, These improvements have rolled out and will be available on all devices over time.

To recall, Chromecast along with Google TV was launched in India this July. It came with support for leading streaming platforms and offered 4K HDR video playback at 60 frames per second (fps). Chromecast with Google TV also came bundled with a voice remote with a dedicated Google Assistant button. It was initially launched in the US in 2020.


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