PlayStation VR2: Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset to launch in early 2023

PlayStation VR2: Sony’s Next-Gen Virtual Reality Headset Launches Early 2023

PlayStation VR2, Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset, is coming sometime in early 2023. PlayStation confirmed the news on its social media handles earlier today, with the release window locked in the early months of next year. Sony has been teasing the past few months with improvements to the old-gen PlayStation VR headset launched in 2016 with new features like see-through mode and broadcast mode. With PS VR2, Sony plans to take VR. Next-level gaming, “enabling a greater sense of presence.”

PlayStation has revealed hardware details about its upcoming virtual reality device, though not its price tag. According to Sony, the PS VR2 promises a 4,000 x 2,040 OLED panel resolution, which can run at 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates, enabling smooth navigation while gaming. The headset is also set to feature a 110-degree FOV (field of view) just like its predecessor. A 1080p Cinematic mode is also included, which streams the PS5 user interface and all non-VR games to a virtual screen running at 24Hz or 60Hz.

PlayStation has confirmed a lineup of 20 “major” games at launch for the PS VR2, one of which was featured at CES 2022 earlier this year. Developed by Guerilla Games, the title was named Horizon Call of the Mountain — a spin-off of the critically-acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn — and is being developed exclusively for PS VR2. Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky are also part of this list.

Sony hasn’t revealed how much the PlayStation VR2 weighs, but promises that users will be able to see their surroundings, even while wearing it. See-through view can be toggled on and off via a function button on the headset or a card in the UI’s control center. PlayStation has embedded front cameras on the visor, allowing players to navigate in real life and locate their PS VR2 Sense controller while wearing the headset. Meanwhile, an included broadcast mode lets you stream your gameplay to platforms like Twitch or YouTube while connected to the PlayStation 5 HD camera.

Current-day virtual reality systems require tracking cameras to be installed in both corners of the room to adjust the height and establish the playing field. The PlayStation VR2 headset, however, is equipped with four integrated cameras that track your hand and controller movements. Any kind of head tilt or shift motion will also be detected and instantly reflected on your character in the game.

The interior of the PS VR2 is equipped with a sensory feature – a motor that vibrates to add an intelligent tactile element, simulating in-game sensations. At CES 2022, Sony claimed that after your character stops sprinting, the headset motor will begin whirring or pulsating with an elevated pulse rate.

The new PlayStation VR 2 controllers see major design changes, ditching the light-up microphone form for a rounded, orb-like structure. Dubbed ‘Sense Controllers’, they follow a similar design to more common VR controllers — such as the Oculus Quest 2 — and come with haptic feedback that simulates the sensation of touch through intelligent vibrations. Adaptive triggers, enhanced controls and finger touch detection are also part of the package.

PlayStation VR2 is launching in early 2023. Currently, there is no word on whether Sony is aiming for a global or staggered regional launch.


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