Google Pixel 6a, Pixel 4a getting Android 13 software update in India

Google Pixel 6a, Pixel 4a Receiving Android 13 Software Update in India

After announcing the rollout of Android 13 for its Pixel devices on August 15, Google has finally started rolling out software updates for its Pixel smartphones in India. The updates bring a lot of new features and performance improvements along with some visual updates. Google currently only sells the Pixel 6a and Pixel 4a in the country. The latest Pixel 6a is equipped with Tensor SoC and has a dual rear camera setup. The Pixel 6 series is not officially available for purchase in India.

Android 13 update availability and size

Gadgets 360 has independently confirmed that the recently launched Pixel 6a and older Pixel 4a models, which are officially available in India, have started receiving their respective Android 13 updates.

We also confirmed that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models, which were not officially sold in India, have also started receiving the Android 13 software update. The update varies in size depending on the device. The update for the budget Pixel 4a is just 855MB, while the update for the Pixel 6a is bigger at 1.06GB. The Android 13 update for the Pixel 6 and Pro is about 1.25GB. As always it is recommended that you back up your phone before installing the update.

android 13 update problem

As mentioned in a previous report, users of Google’s Pixel 6 series of devices will not be able to roll back to Android 12 if they are not happy with the performance of the Android 13 update, as the bootloader also gets updated and incremented. There is an anti-roll back version, basically completely preventing users from downgrading back to Android 12.

Pixel 4a and below users will still be able to roll-back the old software. According to the same report, some users are facing some issues with wireless charging after upgrading to Android 13. It looks like the update completely breaks the wireless charging functionality for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well as the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. smart fone.

Features of Android 13

Android 13 brings several performance improvements, bug fixes and new features to Google’s Pixel smartphones. Chief among these are the newly expanded themed app icons that will match the phone’s wallpaper, an updated media player with album artwork and a new playback bar, the ability to assign different languages ​​to different apps, and more on notifications. control.


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