Gandhi Jayanti Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Gandhi s Talisman Gandhi s Famous Quotes

Gandhi Jayanti Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Gandhi s Talisman Gandhi s Famous Quotes

Mumbai : There is a saying ‘Vaishnav people to tene kahiye je, pid parai jaane re’. Mahatma Gandhi(Mahatma Gandhi) aptly applicable to the life of Bapu. First of all he thought of the weak and suffering people of the country. That is why when the country got freedom from 150 years of British slavery, where there was celebration everywhere, Bapu was fighting to suppress religious riots in Naukhali, Bengal. Saying that ‘my life is my message’, Bapu found solutions to many big problems with his small actions. He gave a simple mantra to the policy makers that if they have any doubts while making a policy, they should bring out the face of the poorest or the weakest person and formulate a policy that would improve it. This mantra also applies to present and future rulers.

It was now clear that India would be free from the slavery of the British. Then the matters of handing over the administration of the country to the Indians gained momentum. As a part of this, an independent Constituent Assembly of India was constituted. At that time Babu Jagjivan Ram and some other members of the Constitution Committee had gone to seek Bapu’s blessings.

Addressing all the members who came to the meeting, Bapu said, “Maybe make the world’s most beautiful constitution, but it will be of no use if those who implement it are not good. Today I’m going to give you a talisman. , a mantra that will help you make the best constitution.”

Jagjivan Ram was shocked by Bapu’s punishment. He said, Bapu, I thought you are not a believer of any talisman, mantra. then what is it? Bapu said, but I have full faith in this mantra.

Bapu said, “Whenever you find yourself in doubt, do one thing. Look at the face of the weakest, the poorest, the weakest. Ask yourself at that time, is what I am doing to this person? Will it help others? Will it make any difference in their lives? Will it make any difference? Will it give self-government to lakhs of starving people? Then see, all your doubts will be cleared.”

Ritual matters such as mantras, tantras and amulets. Gandhiji never followed the path of superstition, he did not believe in rituals. But how simple and simple is this mantra given by Gandhiji. If policy makers implement this mantra, then many problems of the country and the world will be solved. This is the relevance of Gandhi’s ideas today.


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