yavatmal latest news updates farmer son success story

yavatmal latest news updates farmer son success story

Success Story of Yavatmal: Yavatmal district is known for farmer suicides. Harshal Nakne, the son of a farmer from the same district, has made an automatic hydrogen car with a brilliant idea. You can cover a distance of 250 km in just 150 rupees. Nowadays the number of people using vehicles has increased and thousands of vehicles are running on the roads every day. Along with this, the price of petrol and diesel (petrol diesel price) has reached up to Rs 120. To solve this, a youth named Harshal Nakshne of Vani of Yavatmal, with the help of his friend Kunal Asutkar, has made such a pollution-free autonomous ‘sonic car’. This car is being discussed in Yavatmal district.

Harshal Nakne has studied up to M Tech. This young man’s dream was to be able to drive his car near India. We want a car that uses green hydrogen energy at an affordable cost and reduces accidents and human error. With that in view Harshal Nakne has registered the company under one name. Kunal Asutkar started making cars with the help of his childhood friend, who was studying science in the third part. This car has been prepared only a few days ago. This car runs on hydrogen gas. The computer is designed for self driving.

The car will run 250 km on one liter of hydrogen (price 150 rupees). Therefore, we will get rid of vehicles running on petrol and diesel. Only the glass and tires for the car were procured from Ahmedabad. This car has been made on an experimental basis, for which they have spent about 25 lakh rupees. Harshal Nakkhane told that this car has been made from the money earned from the business of providing internet services. Patents have been registered for self-driving and hydrogen fueling systems. This car will be available for sale after 100 cars are made.

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