Artemis 1 Fuel Leak: NASA’s Mission Countdown Stops, Rocket Fuel Leak Revealed

Artemis 1 Fuel Leak: NASA's Mission Countdown Stops, Rocket Fuel Leak Revealed

Washington. US space agency NASA’s Artemis-1 Moon mission (Artemis 1 fuel leak) has been postponed for the time being. One of its rocket’s four engines had failed due to a fuel leak. After which the ongoing countdown of its launch has been stopped. Scientists have also found cracks in some places. The rocket was scheduled to launch at 6.03 pm IST on Monday. NASA has not given any new update on launch yet.

The SLS rocket was launched in 2010 under former US President Barack Obama. At this time, they wanted to send astronauts to the Moon through the ‘Constellation Programme’, but after several delays in the mission, the government decided to stop it. The launch of the rocket was to take place in 2016 under the new plan of NASA. After this, the Donald Trump administration officially named the Artemis Mission in 2017. After this delay, in 2019, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine learned that it would take another year to prepare the rocket. However, now the mission has been postponed for the time being.

Rockets are filled with super-cold hydrogen and oxygen. But it stopped working due to leakage. Earlier, refueling work was also stopped for some time due to stormy weather.

What is the goal of the Artemis-1 mission?
Artemis-1 is an unmanned mission. With the first flight, scientists aim to know if there are signs for astronauts on the Moon. Also, will the astronauts be able to return to Earth safely after going to the Moon? According to NASA, the new Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket and Orion crew capsule will reach the moon. Astronauts usually stay in the crew capsule, but this time it will be at the bottom.

How long is this mission?
The mission will last 42 days, 3 hours 20 minutes, after which the capsule will return to Earth on October 10. The spacecraft will travel a total of 20 lakh 92 thousand 147 kilometers.

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  • It will take 3 minutes 40 seconds for the rocket to rise above the ground and go out of orbit. Every minute 4 lakh 9 thousand liters of liquid hydrogen and oxygen will be burnt which will power the rocket.
  • Orion’s rocket is 98 meters tall, which is slightly taller than the Statue of Liberty. The rocket’s two boosters will separate two minutes after leaving Earth’s gravity.
  • This rocket will generate a thrust of 4 million kg, which will lift it out of the earth. This mission will last for about six weeks.
  • After going 3860 km above Earth, Orion will become completely independent. The Artemis-1 mission will cover a total distance of 21 lakh kilometres.
  • It is also associated with the distance between Earth and Earth, the orbit of the Moon and the stars. Orion will cover a distance of 450,600 km from Earth to the Moon.

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