Will Smith resigns from Academy after ‘Slap Scandal’, Chris Rock again says sorry

Will Smith resigns from Academy after 'Slap Scandal', Chris Rock again says sorry

After the ‘slap incident’ of Hollywood (Hollywood) actor Will Smith, this time the Oscar award show (Oscar 2022) is in many discussions this time. Oscar-winning actor Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences following the controversy that started after Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock at an Oscars show, and has once again asked Chris Rock and all. Have apologized. for this event.

Chris Rock was hosting the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. During this, he made fun of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The comedian made fun of his baldness and compared him to GI Gen 2. Will Smith did not like this joke at all and he went on stage and slapped Chris Rock.

Will Smith responds to Academy notice
Will Smith said that I have responded directly to the Academy’s disciplinary hearing notice. He has fully accepted any and all consequences of his conduct.

What did Will Smith say in his resignation?
In his resignation letter, Will Smith said, “What I did during the presentation of the 94th Academy Awards is shocking, disturbing and unforgivable. I am resigning from my membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will accept any result the Board may deem fit.

sorry again, chrisso
He further said, ‘The list of people who have caused trouble is long and it includes Chris, his family, many dear friends and loved ones, they are all there. Apart from this, there are spectators from all over the world who were watching the program sitting at home.

Academy accepts Will Smith’s resignation
According to a BBC report, the Academy said that it has accepted Will Smith’s resignation. Academy president David Rubin said he had accepted Smith’s resignation, but that disciplinary proceedings would continue, which could lead to further sanctions.

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