VIDEO: Justin Bieber got this dangerous disease, Paralysis happened on Singer’s face, he himself expressed pain

VIDEO: Justin Bieber got this dangerous disease, Paralysis happened on Singer's face, he himself expressed pain

If you are fond of Hollywood songs and are a fan of Justin Bieber, then this news can make you sad. 28-year-old Justin Bieber has suffered a paralysis attack on his face. Justin is battling a dangerous disease these days, which he himself has disclosed by releasing a video and revealed about the dangerous disease with which he is fighting a war these days. He has asked the fans to remember him in prayers.

Justin Bieber has shared this hobby news with fans by sharing a video on social media. In the video, he revealed the dangerous disease named Ramsay Hunt syndrome and told how this disease becomes even more dangerous if you do not pay attention.

Justin Bieber suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Talking about his condition in the video, Singer says, ‘I want to update you all, what is going on. As you can see my face. I have got a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. I have got the disease because of a virus, which is attacking my work and my facial nerves. Due to this, I have completely paralysis on one side of my face. As you can see I am not blinking in one eye. I can’t even smile from this side and my nose on this side is not moving either.

‘I will be back 100% fine’
Justin Bieber further said in the video, ‘Some fans were very angry about the cancellation of my upcoming show. I can’t physically perform on stage at the moment. Things are very serious, as you can see. I wish it didn’t happen but my body has told me that I should calm down a bit. I’m hoping you guys will understand and I’m going to take this time to rest and relax so that I can recover 100 percent and come back and do what I was born to do.

Thanks to the fans for the support
Justin thanked his fans for their support. At the same time, he promised that he would come back soon after recovering. In the video, he further said that at this time I am in dire need of rest, so that my face can heal as before. Justin told that he is doing facial exercises to recover. It is difficult to say how much time it will take, but it has happened for some reason which will be fixed soon. He said that he has full faith in God.

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