The energy crisis complicates the delicate conversion of the bar turning industry

Bruno Le Maire et Roland Lescure, le 23 septembre. lors de leur visite de l'entreprise du groupe Bontaz, dans la vallée de l'Arve.

Posted Oct 2, 2022, 2:18 PMUpdated Oct 2, 2022, 2:27 PM

Show their support. And avoid the domino effect. On September 23, Bruno Le Maire and Roland Lescure, Ministers for the Economy and Industry, went to the bedside of bar turners in Haute-Savoie. With two-thirds of bar turning companies, the Arve valley, between Annecy and Chamonix, is the stronghold of this sector which manufactures machined micromechanical parts, mainly for the automotive market. The rise in energy prices is all the more worrying for this sector as it is undergoing major changes: the end of combustion engine vehicles in 2035, approved by the European Union last June, is forcing it to begin a major shift in its activities.

“We are experiencing a break with the world before, the one where our industrial excellence allowed us to supply the automobile, with large volumes”, sums up Camille Pasquelin, director general of the National Union of Turning (SNDEC). The sector weighs in France 2 billion turnover, of which 60% in the sale of parts intended for the engines of cars. However, if these have 2,500 parts in a thermal vehicle, it takes ten times less in an electric one. “We are in full exploration to diversify ourselves,” continues the engineer by training. “But current energy prices further reduce our visibility. While there were quite a few investments at the start of 2022, everything has slowed down today. »


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