Thackeray Vs Shinde Shiv Sena Leader Thackeray Group Officials Likely To Join Shinde Group In Dussehra Melawa

Thackeray Vs Shinde Shiv Sena Leader Thackeray Group Officials Likely To Join Shinde Group In Dussehra Melawa

Thackeray vs Shinde: Shivsena for Dussehra meeting (Shiv Sena) both groups are completely formed. On the occasion of this Dussehra gathering, both the groups will show strength and try their best to show that we are the real Shiv Sena. Now, on the occasion of Dussehra gathering, Shinde Group (Shinde Group) to the Thackeray group (Thackeray Group) is likely to be a shock. Because Dussehra gathering (Dussehra Mela) Some big leaders of Thackeray faction, executive members, MLAs, MPs may embrace the Shinde faction. That is why it is known that the Shinde faction along with showing strength has also prepared to give this blow.

BKC on one side and Shivaji Park on the other side is being prepared for the Dussehra meeting of Shiv Sena. Lakhs of workers from across the state are preparing to assemble for the Dussehra gathering. It is being told that the Shinde group is preparing to push the Thackeray group to show its strength. It is not surprising that the leaders and office bearers currently present in the Thackeray group are seen with the Shinde group at the Dussehra gathering.

So far we have seen the strength of Shinde Group. Shiv Sena’s 40 MLAs, 12 MPs along with former MLAs, MPs and senior Shiv Sena leaders are with the Shinde faction. Now all MLAs, MPs will be on stage in Shinde group’s Dussehra meeting and Shinde group will try to increase its strength by making every effort to give more importance to the occasion of Dussehra meeting.

Shiv Sena Shinde Group’s Dussehra Mela Who is currently in Thackeray group Shinde can join the group?

*executive member*
* some legislators, special
*Some former MLAs, special

Who is the real Shiv Sena? This fight is now in front of the Central Election Commission. So both the factions are preparing to claim to be the real Shiv Sena. For this reason, on the occasion of Dussehra meeting, efforts will be made to find out how more leaders, MLAs, MPs, councilors, workers will live or turn towards us. Its tapes can also be shown before the Election Commission.

On one hand Shiv Sena Thackeray group is submitting the affidavits of its workers and on the other hand Shinde group is trying to make the same Shiv Sena Thackeray group in their favor as much as possible. Now the Election Commission will decide who is successful in keeping maximum number of leaders, office bearers, workers in its favor and whose claim to be the real Shiv Sena is true.

Dussehra gathering is an opportunity for both the groups to show that we are the real Shiv Sena to increase our strength. While the Election Commission will soon decide who the real Shiv Sena is, the Thackeray group will face the challenge of keeping its leaders loyal to the workers, while on the other hand the task of increasing its strength will be done by the Shinde group. Therefore, on the 5th of the Dussehra meeting, it will be known whether the Shinde group will be successful in trying to take the Thackeray group forward in this Dussehra meeting.


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