Tamkok Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah completes 14 years, know about all the main characters

TMKOC : मिनी इंडियाचं दर्शन घडवणाऱ्या 'तारक मेहता का उल्टा चष्मा'ला 14 वर्ष पूर्ण

Sanjay Patil, Zee Media, Mumbai: An obedient and exemplary son, Jethalal, a father, husband and brother-in-law, Taarak Mehta, a writer and troubled by his wife’s diet, disciplined teacher Bhide, courteous but friendly Sodhi, stubborn but equally mischievous Iyer, from the gourmet doctor Hathi, Popatlal Married, Tappusena, Abdul who runs for help. , Mahila Mandal, Nattu Kaka who roams in English and demands a permanent pay increase, and Saada Sadha Baga. All of them have entertained the audience a lot through the serial ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ (TMKOC). This serial, which is liked by everyone from young to old, has completed 14 years today. (Tamkok Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah completes 14 years, know about all the main characters)

This is not a society but a small India. We see a person in this society who understands everyone’s personal problems. How to deal with humour, satire, crisis and so many things with a smile and without stuttering, it seems that each episode of the series has laid out things one after the other. Let us briefly know about some but important characters of this series.

Firstborn, Daya, Bapuji, Tapu and brother-in-law Sunderlal with pain in a difficult place

The main character of this serial is Jethalal Champaklal Gada. Jethalal’s father and father of the whole society is Champaklal, wife Daya, only son Tappu and a ‘Panauti’ who is only ten years old i.e. brother-in-law Sunderlal. Jethalal, the owner of Gada Electronics, is fed up with the problems of daily life.

Champakcha means senior person in the house (society). This Champaklal used to give advice to everyone in the society from his experience while giving rites to Tappusen. He is proud to be a virtuous son, obedient daughter-in-law and clever grandson.

In the second innings of life, every person of the same age will feel that their son and daughter-in-law should take care of themselves in the same way, lest nothing is left out.

Jethalal’s wife Daya alias Garbaquin. Ready and naive to care for anytime, anywhere, even in sleep. Daya is Annapurna who treats everyone who comes to her with warm hospitality and treats one or the other.

Tappu alias Tipendra, the only son of Jethalal-Daya and the head of Tappusena. Tappu is always in fun. But he knows that he is not doing anything wrong because of Bapuji’s sanskars. Although Tappu has grown up in the series now, he has participated in various activities in his school life by raising funds for the underprivileged. He attributes this to Bapuji’s teachings and rituals.

A constant headache for Jethalal is his brother-in-law Sunderlal. This Sunderlal who comes from Gujarat to his sister-in-law’s in-laws’ (Gokuldham Society) taxi. From the very beginning of the series, he has forced Jethalal to pay this taxi fare. Jethalal has been paying the taxi fare till now because he is Azad brother-in-law. Till now Jethalal tried many tricks to free Picha from Sundar, but still Jethalal did not succeed.

Jethalal, the owner of Gada Electronics, has to face some problem every day. What can be said about the pairing of fellow shop manager Nattu Kaka and his nephew Bageshwar aka Baga.

Jethalal also feels the same way that everyone feels that why all this is happening with me in personal life. Difficulties come in personal and professional life. Various events that took place during this period have been well presented in the series.

ATM and Fire Brigade i.e. Mrs and Mr Mehta

Housewife Anjali and writer Taarak Mehta. Jethalal’s fire brigade. When Jethalal faces problems in his personal and professional life, Jethalal goes straight to the fire brigade house. He has a solution for every problem of Jethalal. Jethalal named it ‘Fire Brigade’.

Anjali is very strict about food and drink. To make her husband look slim fit, she serves a variety of dishes ranging from curry soup to tarak. But Taarak hates this diet food. That’s why he always looks for something shiny outside, say Mrs and Mr Mehta.

Disciplinary teacher clashed and the only secretary of the society

When we say teacher, the image of disciplined and punctual stands before us. Mandar Chandwadkar played the character of ‘Atmaram Tukaram Bhide’ in this serial. Apart from being a teacher, Bhide Guruji also did additional work as the sole secretary of the building. Bhide’s uniqueness is also proved by his trademark way of wearing a tight collar and proudly proclaiming ‘the sole secretary of the Gokuldham building’.

A typical Konkani, stingy with money but thrifty, sensible as he loves, takes care of his wife Madhavi and Tappusen’s only daughter Sonu, helps Madhavi in ​​her domestic business, always keeps Jethalal as maintenance and Tappu It teases with fun, always in ‘amazing’ dialogue and english speaking Atmaram Bhidene this Hindi. The english audience has also been connected through the series.

Garage owners, do anything for friendship and fun

Every group has a friend who always runs into everyone’s troubles. Always ready to compromise with the members of the opposition party. It is also eager to drink 24 hours a day. There is also this character in the serial, his name is Sodhi.

Triangular family consisting of a Parsi wife and a son (Gogi). Sodhi’s source of livelihood is his own garage. Gurcharan Singh played the character of Harjit Singh Sodhi, who always beats up PJ, talks on a topic and jokingly, in excitement runs over his body, picks him up and rolls him round and round, much love It is aggressive and deadly as it does.

Mrs and Mrs Dr Hathi and her ‘pills’

Mr and Mrs Hathi and their only child are Goli. With them is going on continuously, permanently and only 24 hours and only the subject of food. ‘Doctor Hathi’ who always demands food even from the patient who comes for treatment, asks his wife Komal to prepare different dishes and says the right thing.

Kavi Kumar Azad had played the character of ‘Doctor Hathi’ from the very beginning, except for a few serials. His easy-going and calm nature made him an all-time favorite of the audience. But Kavi Kumar Azad sent us all off on 9th July 2018.


Popatlal is a character who misbehaves in everything and always has a negative attitude. Avalia who always stays with the umbrella. ‘Dibba’ by Popatlal and Champak Chacha, a senior young journalist of the newspaper ‘Toofan Express’, was honored with the Golden Crew Award.

Popatlal, who is trying to take out the evils spread in the society through journalism, is cursing marriage by sitting on his knees. From the beginning of the series till now, he has not met any girl for marriage.

This Popatlal has framed his 2 BK with sherwani frame in the hall of the flat. This parrot falls in love with the girl as if he is married. Very stingy personality in terms of money. Even in the era of unlimited calling, Popatlal is single who miscalls and is seen playing with him.

During the 14-year journey of the serial, Popatlal got a chance to get married, but sacrificed his love in Popat to reunite the two separated hearts. Such a miser, always tapping cancels but equally heart-wrenching type personality.

Babita and Iyer

Krishnan Iyer, who has a natural complexion due to the southern climate, and Babita, who looks exotic but has blond hair from Bengal. The amazing chemistry of this husband-wife duo has entertained the audience a lot so far. Iyer who is a scientist (scientist in Jethalal’s language) and Babita who is a housewife but does many activities. The pair remains the center of attraction for the audience.

Jethalal and Babita have amazing chemistry

Every man has a woman whom he likes even after marriage. In such a situation, Jethalal always puts a lattu on Babita. Jethalal is always looking for an excuse to talk to Babita for help. But Iyer will not like it. But still Jethalal always insists on helping Babita.

Jethalal always hits Iyer with a thorn and finds some excuse or the other to chat with Babita. There is no such thing in Babita’s mind. But she knows for sure that Jethaji is trying to connect with her. This is what we have seen so far. Also, the relationship between Jethalal and Babita has often seen rifts and misunderstandings in the history of the serial. But according to the tradition of the series, this misunderstanding or argument has always had a sweet ending. It is expected that in future also through this series the audience will be entertained twice.


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