the 7 countries involved adopt an improved algorithm for food

infographic - Improved consistency of Nutri-Score recommendations

Since its launch in February 2021 by transnational governance, the scientific committee made up of independent experts has been evaluating the Nutri-Score algorithm on behalf of the steering committee. He considers that the current algorithm is efficient. Nevertheless, based on solid scientific evidence and requests from stakeholders, the scientific committee has identified priority areas to strengthen the effectiveness of the Nutri-Score algorithm.

Proposal for the evolution of the Nutri-Score algorithm for foods

In its June 2022 report, the scientific committee proposes modifications to the algorithm for solid foods, in order to improve the Nutri-Score’s ability to discriminate the nutritional quality of products within certain food groups, in better consistency with the main dietary recommendations adopted by Member States and Switzerland. These food groups include fats including vegetable oils, fish and seafood, cereal products and especially bread, as well as dairy products including cheeses. If beverages have also been identified as a group of foods likely to be subject to changes in the algorithm, the relevant scientific committee proposals will be made at the end of 2022. The evolution of the Nutri-Score algorithm allows to achieve the following main objectives in better coherence with dietary recommendations:

infographic - Improved consistency of Nutri-Score recommendations

Decision of the steering committee on the first proposals for the evolution of the Nutri-Score

In accordance with the mandate of the steering committee, the 7 countries involved in Nutri-Score governance met on July 26, 2022 to give an opinion on the proposals for the evolution of the Nutri-Score algorithm for foods , proposed by the scientific committee and based on solid scientific evidence. In view of the positive impact of these changes on the classification of foods by the Nutri-Score, in line with the dietary recommendations, the steering committee voted in favor of adopting these changes to the calculation algorithm for solid foods.

Next steps

The decision of the steering committee to adopt the proposals and the publication of the scientific report on the evolution of the algorithm for solid products constitute the first stage of the evolution process. The next step finalizing the complete evolution of the algorithm will take place at the end of 2022 with proposals for revising the algorithm for beverages.
The implementation of the new Nutri-Score algorithm in countries that have already implemented the logo will be established once the complete algorithm has been adopted by the steering committee. From the date of entry into force of the new algorithm, a sufficiently long period will be left to the operators to allow the implementation of the logo. In order to facilitate this deployment, support for operators will be provided in the various countries involved.


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