Taliban does not allow girl students to leave Kabul for foreign studies

taliban girl education

Afghanistan is currently ruled by the Taliban, a terrorist organization banned by the US. The Taliban claimed to have acted as a form of fundamentalism while forming the government. However, that night has not changed.

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taliban girl education

Afghan girls and women face many sanctions. (photo credit: News Nation)


  • Girls and women face many restrictions
  • Girls were not allowed to study abroad
  • 80 percent of women working in media had to quit


Some boys and girls living in Kabul want to study abroad, but the Taliban have refused to allow girls to leave Kabul to study abroad. Afghanistan In September 2021, following the withdrawal of the US military and the fall of the US-backed government Taliban An interim government was formed in Afghanistan. Instead of being inclusive, the Taliban government, made up of fanatical faces of its own accord, banned women from working outside and segregated schools based on gender. Girls are not allowed to study after class six. Not only this, the Taliban forced women to cover their faces in public places. In addition, women cannot participate in recreational activities. When men are walking in the park, women are not allowed to enter.

Many strict rules apply to women and girls
After retaking Afghanistan after two decades in August 2021, the Taliban enacted laws that violate fundamental rights in many ways. The Taliban have imposed strict rules and regulations, especially for women and girls. The Taliban have banned the movement of women without male relatives. Women have to cover their faces in public places and step out of the house. This rule also applies to women anchoring on TV. The Taliban also destroyed mechanisms that prevent sexual violence. In addition, the Taliban have created barriers to women’s access to health services. Women activists cannot work and those who speak for women’s rights are punished by the Taliban. The Taliban, which returned to power in August 2021, severely restricted the rights of women and girls to punishment, work and a free voice. Bitter gourd that too neem chaddha fast on Tej has done away with the technology of providing protection and helping women victims of domestic violence. Even a slight lapse in strict rules for women leads to detention. Along with this, cases of forced marriage of minors have also increased in Afghanistan. It is to be said that the strict rules and regulations of the Taliban are telling the life of the common people.

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18 million women fighting for their rights
Several human rights organizations have called on the Taliban to radically change their policies in the wake of the harsher laws. There is a growing demand to restore the rights of women and girls. However, the Taliban initially argued for an inclusive society and maintaining a position of equality between men and women. It is a different matter that the Taliban’s actions are the exact opposite of that promise. There are strict restrictions on women’s freedom of voice, punishment and expression. According to locals, the Taliban has banned the use of women’s smart phones. There have also been cases in which the Ministry of Women’s Welfare accepts bribes in return for providing necessary security to women. 80 percent of women working in media have had to leave their jobs. Global organizations believe that 18 million women are fighting for health, justice and social rights.

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First published: August 27, 2022, 02:16:14 pm

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