‘Star Trek’ actress Nickel Nichols dies at 89, ‘Nyota Uhura’ becomes immortal

'Star Trek' actress Nickel Nichols dies at 89, 'Nyota Uhura' becomes immortal

Nickel Nichols passed away: American actress And singer Nickel Nichols died Saturday night at the age of 89. Nickel died a natural death. This was confirmed by his son Kyle Johnson. She was an African-American actress. He has acted in several TV shows and movies but his memorable role was that of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’. “Last night, my mother, Nickel Nichols, passed away of natural causes,” Kyle said in an official statement.

Kyle Johnson further wrote on Nickel Nichols’ Facebook post, ‘The galaxy that was shining so many years ago is no longer there. It will remain for us and future generations to learn and inspire. She was a role model for all of us. Me and our family, thank you for your patience and patience.”

Kyle Johnson wrote, ‘We are in grief right now. This is not the right time to talk too much. We request that their privacy be respected. Liv Long and Prosper, Kyle Johnson.” Everyone was stunned when Nichelle Nichols starred in “Star Trek” in 1966. A prime time TV series starring a black woman in the lead.

Nickel Nichols

Nickel is riding a bicycle. (Photo Credits: Facebook @OfficialNichelleNichols)

A major contribution to the development of NASA

It wasn’t that there weren’t African-American women on TV before, but they often played housekeepers and other minor roles. Nickel Nichols played Uhura and was an important part of the “Star Trek” team. After three seasons of “Star Trek”, Nichols devoted himself to the space program. He helped make NASA more diversified, which helped recruit many people to NASA, including astronauts Sally Ride, Judith Resnick, and John Bluford.

Nickel Nichols Star Trek

The ‘Star Trek’ team. (Photo Credits: Facebook @OfficialNichelleNichols)

Didn’t get the juice from typecast

Like other “Star Trek” actors, Nichol Nichols struggled to find work due to typecasting after the original series ended. During this time she played an abusive madam in the film Truck Turner (1974) starring Isaac Hayes. She was in a leading role in the TV show Heroes in 2007.

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