Senate approves Biden’s climate plan to make America a greener economy, a $7,500 tax break on electric cars

Senate approves Biden's climate plan to make America a greener economy, a $7,500 tax break on electric cars


Senate approves Joe Biden’s climate plan to make America green
$7,500 for electric cars. will get a tax break of
30% off on installing solar panels on rooftops

Washington, The US Senate on Sunday passed Joe Biden’s ambitious climate, tax and health care plan. It is being considered a significant victory for President Biden ahead of the midterm elections. The Senate approved the $430 billion plan, which will be presented to the House of Representatives next week. Here it is expected to pass.

According to a report by, the plan will include the largest ever US investment on climate. The goal of spending $370 billion on climate is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030. Biden hailed the passage of the bill, saying the House should pass it as soon as possible and I look forward to signing it into law.

The bill would give Americans up to $7,500 in tax credits on electric car purchases. Also, there will be a 30 percent discount on installing solar panels on the roofs. The bill will also provide assistance to millions of people to help protect and conserve forests. Record heat in recent years has fueled wildfires, which have destroyed many forests.

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The bill would provide $64 billion for health care and ensure lower prices for some drugs. Which is 10 times more expensive in the US than in some other rich countries. The bill proposes a new 15 percent minimum tax on companies with profits of $1 billion or more to help cover the huge costs of climate change initiatives. Its goal is to reduce the US government deficit and target some people who are paying very little tax. According to an estimate, this can give the government $ 258 billion in taxes in the next 10 years.

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