School bell will ring in Pune, school will start next month

पुण्यात शाळेची घंटा वाजणार, पुढील महिन्यात शाळा सुरु होणार

Pune : School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad announced the opening of schools in the state. Accordingly, schools from 5th to 8th will be organized in the state from January 27. However, the local administration also gave clear instructions that a decision should be taken in that department. Accordingly, Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has decided to start a school in Pune city. Accordingly, schools will start from February 1. (Pune Municipal Corporation has decided to reopen schools for classes 5 to 8 from February 1)

Schools of class 5th to 8th in Pune city will start from February 1. Corona test has been made mandatory for all teachers and non-teaching staff of the school. Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has ordered to start these schools from February 1. The written consent of the parents of the students is also required to start the school and this consent has to be submitted to the Education Supervisor, Department of Elementary Education.

Before starting school, it is necessary to create facilities for sanitization and disinfection in the school. Along with this, the commissioner has said in his order that the school administration should take care of essential items like thermometer, thermal gun, oximeter, disinfectant, soap, water etc.

At the same time, the school administration also needs more attention. It is necessary for the school administration to inspect the school bus, school van etc. for regular disinfection of vehicles carrying students. Corona test is mandatory for teachers and non-teaching staff and the certificate issued by the testing laboratory will be required to be presented by the school management to the Zonal Medical Officer and Regional Medical Officer.

In the backdrop of Corona, the arrangement of meetings in the classrooms and staff rooms should be in accordance with the rules of safe distance. Also, in class, a student on a bench should arrange a meeting with the names. Plaques with guidelines regarding safe distance, use of masks should be put up in front of the school. It has been suggested that children should maintain a distance of at least six feet when standing in a queue inside and outside the school premises.

these rules are binding

– Clean the school premises regularly
– Frequent disinfection of toilets is necessary
School transport vehicles should be disinfected at least twice a day (before boarding and after students disembark from the vehicle) for safe travel of students.
Under no circumstances should classes be held in closed rooms.
– Doors and windows of classrooms should be kept open for ventilation


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