Salman Khan said- ‘The host has not forgotten his limit’, was it a sign of the Smith-Chris Rock slap scandal?

Salman Khan said- 'The host has not forgotten his limit', was it a sign of the Smith-Chris Rock slap scandal?

Mumbai: The incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 is no longer hidden from anyone. Will Smith became so angry at Chris Rock’s joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith that he slapped the actor on stage. This incident is now being discussed everywhere. Many Bollywood celebs also gave their feedback on this incident and gave their views. Now superstar Salman Khan has also expressed his views on the limits of a host. Salman Khan says that a host should be sensitive and never flaunt your limits. Salman Khan’s statement has come when everyone is talking about Will Smith-Chris Rock’s slap scandal at Oscars 2022.

During a press conference, when Salman Khan was asked whether the hosts should think and be careful while saying something on stage, he said- ‘A host should be sensitive. The joke should always be such that no one feels bad. I have hosted live shows like Bigg Boss, Dus Ka Dum and many more and I have a limit.

Salman Khan with Maniesh Paul, Ananya Panday and Varun Dhawan attending a press conference for the IIFA Awards 2022. Salman Khan says- ‘I get very angry when I host Bigg Boss and something goes wrong with one of the subzebs, and I have said this in the show as well. But, I know that even Mary has a limit. Because in the end all the contestants are living in the same house, who have to perform.

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Salman Khan said, ‘So learn to be brave and sensitive. I never cross my limit. Whatever I have to say, I say it on Saturday and try to be normal on Sunday. Even the contestants know that no one likes to speak loudly. If he babbles or cries, it will not help him in his career. Because, nobody wants to do with such a person in the industry.’

Will Smith reportedly slapped host Chris Rock on stage at the 94th Academy Awards on Monday after he made fun of the look of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. After which when Will Smith went on stage to receive his award, he apologized to the Academy and apologized to Chris Rock on social media.

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