Ranil Wickremesinghe Sajith Premadasa Aura Kumara Dissanayake will be the next President of Sri Lanka

श्रीलंकेचा अध्यक्ष कोण होणार?...थेट श्रीलंकेतून रिपोर्ट

Amit Bhide, Senior Producer, Zee 24 Hours, Colombo: A new president will be elected on July 20 to bring Sri Lanka out of chaos. Who will be the next President of Sri Lanka… Let’s see how the coming President will bring Sri Lanka out of the pit…

Who will be the new President of Sri Lanka? Will there be a new twist in Sri Lankan politics? Who is the messiah who saved Sri Lanka from economic crisis? All these questions will be answered on July 20.

Fed up with inflation, unemployment and food shortages, Sri Lankan citizens revolted and directly expelled the president from the country. Now the process of selection of new chairman has started. Four big leaders have announced their candidature. On the 19th, interim President Ranil Wickremesinghe, Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, Marxist leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and SPP defector Dallas Alhaperuma are four in the race.

Ranil Wickremesinghe is considered the strongest name in this race. Because the ruling SLPP party immediately declared its support to Wickremesinghe. Sajith Premadasa is another big name. Premadasa is famous in Sri Lanka. That’s why they are in this race. The candidature of Marxist leader Disnayke has raised many eyebrows. Disnayake will get the sympathy of the public due to the mass revolt but the public will not vote in this election. So Alhaperuma could be a dark horse in this race. In the SLPPT, a group can stand behind an alphaparm. But if it happens, Wickremesinghe will suffer from Partition and Premadasa may benefit from it.

There are 225 MPs in the Sri Lankan Parliament. In fact, the President is elected directly by the people of Sri Lanka. But this time the MPs will elect the President for the term till 2024.

The real question is whether MPs vote for someone who will satisfy the angry masses. Because here the protesters are making announcements that the power of the people is bigger than that of the Parliament. In such a situation, the real question is whether the public will accept the choice of the MPs.


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