What do girls really know about what they search for on Youtube

महिला युट्युबवर नेमकं काय सर्च करतात? समजल्यावर तुम्हालाही बसेल धक्का!

Mumbai: Currently the use of internet has increased and due to internet the usage of YouTube has also increased to a great extent. So far YouTube channels have been made in the homes of crores. Millions of videos are watched on YouTube, be it education, entertainment, investing money. Women and youth are also at the fore and they seem to be making the most of it. In such a situation, a report has come out.

According to this report, out of 150 million internet users in India, 60 million are women. About 75 percent of these women are in the age group of 15 to 34 years. But we are going to tell you exactly what women or girls search on YouTube.

short video

Young women love watching short videos on YouTube. Now YouTube has also started a new feature called Shorts. Apart from Youtube Shorts, girls also search Instagram and Tik Tok videos a lot.

destination wedding

Most of the girls search for destination wedding on YouTube. Apart from this, girls also search for pre-wedding photos and videos.

fashion trends

Every young lady wants to look beautiful and stand out. For this, most of the girls take the help of YouTube. Most of the searches on YouTube are about makeup, fashion, trends, beauty treatments and home remedies.

music movie

According to YouTube search reports, music is always in top trending. Especially girls like to watch songs videos on YouTube. Not only young women but also young men are crazy about music.


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