Queen Elizabeth Tea Bag Auction Queen Elizabeth Tea Bag sold for $12,000 in online auction

Queen Elizabeth Tea Bag Auction Queen Elizabeth Tea Bag sold for $12,000 in online auction

New Delhi: The used tea bag of Queen Elizabeth was sold for $ 12,000 or about Rs 9.5 lakh. Queen Elizabeth tea bag sold for $ 12,000 in an online auction After the death of the Queen of Britain on 8 September, strange things related to her are being sold online.

A man living in Georgia, US posted a tea bag used by the Queen on an e-commerce platform. Along with the photo of the tea bag, he wrote – This tea bag was used by the Queen in 1998. This tea bag was smuggled from Windsor Palace.

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This tea bag is certified

The person selling the tea bag said that it is rare. Certificate posted. This certificate says – This tea bag is genuine. This certificate is issued by the Institute of Excellence in Certificate of Authentication (IECA).

Apart from tea bags, people have posted many things related to Rani online. A vendor posted a wax effigy of the queen. He wrote – This wax figure has human hair. Apart from this a Barbie doll inspired by the queen is also available for sale. Its price is being told as one lakh rupees.

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Auction of gifts to the queen

A person puts up a wooden box for sale on an e-commerce site. It claims that the box was presented to the Queen on her silver jubilee in 1977. Elizabeth’s autograph is also selling for Rs 9 lakh.

A used queen tea bag isn’t the first thing that’s sold out. Many of Queen’s items have already been sold online. A piece of the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was also auctioned online. The auction took place in 2015, almost 68 years after their marriage. It was bought by a person from Los Angeles for 500 pounds i.e. 46 thousand rupees. This cake was sold by a woman living in England. His father had attended the wedding of the queen, where he got this cake.

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