Nokia, Logitech, Ericsson, more Western tech companies announce plans to exit Russia

Nokia, Logitech, Ericsson, More Western Tech Companies Announce Plans to Exit Russia

Nokia and Ericsson on Monday announced plans to pull out of Russia altogether. Ericsson has revealed that it plans to pull out of Russia gradually in the coming months, while Nokia has revealed its intention to exit its Russian business by the end of the year. These are the latest of Western technology companies to accelerate withdrawals from Russia. In addition, companies such as Dell and Logitech have also recently decided to halt their operations and withdraw from Russia.

According to Reuters, Nokia and Ericsson will exit Russia altogether in a trend set by various Western technology companies such as Intel, Netflix, and more. Ericsson is expected to back down gradually over the coming months. Meanwhile, Nokia has announced that it plans to exit Russia by the end of the year.

Nokia had previously expressed its interest in leaving Russia. However, the company plans to assist its customers throughout this process. “We will maintain a formal presence in the country until the legal closure,” a Nokia spokesperson said on Monday.

Dell also reportedly revealed last week that it plans to leave the country. Similarly, Logitech suspended its operations in Russia in March and will begin shutting down its remaining activities in the country.

More Western companies are selling or withdrawing their businesses in Russia. Many initially stopped the operation after Moscow launched a military operation against Ukraine.


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