Miss Marvel Review: Kamala Khan, Marvel Studios’ First Muslim Superhero, Is the Latest Story of a Promising Change

Miss Marvel Review: Kamala Khan, Marvel Studios' First Muslim Superhero, Is the Latest Story of a Promising Change

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) The latest series is ‘Miss Marvel’. Although MCU’s superheroes are mines, but this time the name of Marvel Studios’ new superhero is Kamala Khan. who is Pakistani-American. Kamala (Iman Vellani) is a huge follower of Captain Marvel and is like any teenager her age. She worries about whether she can convince her strict South Asian parents to be a part of AvengerCon. The MCU’s first Muslim superhero, Kamala continues to struggle with her parents and her religious identity, trying to find her place in the city of New Jersey. Introducing Gen Z Teenagers.

Kamala Khan feels that she is not made for school and home. Then one day everything changes and gets the power like a real superhero. In this series of Marvel, Iman Velani played the role of Miss Marvel. The series will be streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar from June 8 and its episodes are coming every week.

South Asian teens may connect to Kamala’s problem
The series begins with a teenage girl living with her overly protective mother Mubeena (Zenobia Shroff), witty father Yusuf (Mohan Kapoor) and supportive brother Aamir (Sagar Sheikh). Her friend is Bruno and she goes to the mosque every weekend with Nakia, a domineering lady. Any South Asian teen can tell with her problem that her mother doesn’t want her to go to AvengerCon because there are bad boys out there.

Captain Marvel makes a costume with Bruno’s help
However, she dresses up as Captain Marvel with Bruno’s help and plans to sneak out. That’s when she receives an antique bracelet from her grandmother, which she carries with her as part of her dress. However when she wears it things go awry as she realizes that it gives her super hero power. She can grow her body parts and can manipulate light and much more. Unaware of its history, he only knows that the bracelet belongs to his grandmother, which the family does not talk about.

Interesting story of Miss Marvel
She tries to control his powers with Bruno’s help so that he can make better use of them. Also the use is to live as a teenager. Here the struggle of finding your place, your identity and obeying your parents is brilliantly portrayed in the series. It helps differentiate the series because we’ve always seen more superheroes than superheroes.

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Iman Velani adds color to the first episode
Producer Bisha K Ali, co-writer Sana Amanat and director duo Adil Al Arabi and Bilal Falah have tried their best to portray religion and culture in a signature way. The music of the series is also superb. In the first episode, Iman Velani has composed the score of Rang Jam Diya Hai. This series of Marvel Studios is quite interesting compared to the previous series.

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