Mahwish Hayat very happy with Muslim representation in Ms. Marvel compared to Pakistan film industry and Hollywood

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Marvel Cinematic Universe After giving the world a black superhero in ‘Black Panther’, she broke another stereotype by introducing a Muslim superhero in the recently released web series ‘Miss Marvel’. While Iman Vellani is playing the lead role in the series, Pakistani actress Mahvish Hayat is playing the role of Iman’s great-grandmother. Mahvish’s character was revealed in the last episode of the series. Pakistani actor Fawad Khan also appeared in an important role.

Now, in an interview with Disney Central, Mahwish Hayat spoke candidly about Muslim representation on the global stage. Along with this, he shared his experience of working on this Hollywood project. It was a great experience for Hyatt. She couldn’t believe she was actually working with Marvel.

When asked about the comparison between Pakistani entertainment industry and Hollywood, Mahvish Hayat said how the two are very different from each other. He said that the Pakistani film industry is still in its infancy and has a long way to go for its growth. Hollywood is a global stage. There is no comparison between the two.

Mahwish Hayat talks about the stereotypical representation of Muslim characters around the world. Hayat expressed disappointment that the Muslim community is often underrepresented on the big screen. He highlighted how Muslim characters are always portrayed as villains. In terms of women, it sucks more. She says that the character of Muslim women has always been shown to be suppressed.

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Positive light for Muslim community: Mahvishi

Mahvish Hayat said that but ‘Miss Marvel’ has been openly shown to portray the community in a positive light. For him, the use of words like Bismillah Masha Allah in the Marvel project is a big step in the right direction. Hayat said, “The scene in the mosque is that words like Bismillah and Masha Allah are being used. Who would think that would happen?”

In the right direction for Muslims: Mahwishi

Mahwish Hayat further added, “It has been in the right direction. Nakia is a hijabi and she is very proud of it. Imagine how many girls she represents and she also represents 2 billion Muslims in the show.”

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