Johnny Depp forgot the names of his films in court, everyone laughed, the judge had to warn

Johnny Depp forgot the names of his films in court, everyone laughed, the judge had to warn

New Delhi:Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is in legal trouble these days. Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against him after his ex-wife Amber Heard made several serious allegations against him. The matter was currently going on in a Virginia court and on the fourth day of interrogation, actor Johnny Depp’s reply made everyone laugh in court. Actually Johnny Depp was asked the name of his films.

But, Johnny Depp could not disclose the name of his films and could not complete the testimony in the defamation case. He accused his ex-wife of domestic violence. He also said that after this he was badly broken. The legal team was following along with Johnny Depp. Meanwhile, he was asked to name some of his Hollywood films. But Johnny Depp was able to name only one film ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

movie actors don’t tell
According to a media report- Johnny Depp smilingly said, ‘I am very bad at naming my films. I’m sorry I don’t watch movies. I like to remember not Khera Hai.. What was the solution?’ After this the people present there also could not stop laughing and started laughing. Even the judge had to warn by saying ‘order’ that he would throw everyone out. The attorney general also played an audio recording of a conversation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife in court.

The proposal was presented in front of the wife
Johnny Depp admitted that he agreed to meet Amber at a hotel in San Francisco because he felt she could back his allegations that he molested her. He proposes to his wife that the two make a joint statement that they love each other and the media is creating a rift between the two. However, Amber rejected the idea.

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