Israel gave a big blow to Iran by posting 2 women in top positions in Mossadi

Israel gave a big blow to Iran by posting 2 women in top positions in Mossadi


The annual budget of Mossad is said to be $3 billion.
About 7 thousand people work in this intelligence agency.
Mossad was founded in 1940 by David Ben Gurion, the founder of Israel.

New Delhi. Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, known worldwide for its horrific and shocking exploits, has recently taken a historic decision by appointing women to two of its key positions. Mossad gave the two women code names to hide their identities. While code name ‘A’ has been made the head of Mossad’s intelligence department, on the other hand code name ‘K’ has been made the head of Iran department.

With the deployment of these two women, there are now four women leading the Mossad in the Executive Forum. The woman, codenamed ‘A’, has been working at Mossad for the past 20 years and has been given responsibility for issues related to normalizing relations with Arab countries, including international terrorism and the Iran nuclear deal.

Mossad is the second largest intelligence agency in the world

The annual budget of Mossad, which is considered to be the second option of fear in the world, is said to be $ 3 billion and about 7 thousand people get employment in it. Mossad was founded in 1940 by David Ben Gurion, the founder and first prime minister of Israel. Its purpose at that time was to save Jews and attack Arab rioters.

Mossad has failed to carry out several surprise missions in Iran

In November 2020, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakizedar was assassinated in an AI-assisted remote control machine gun attack. Earlier in January 2018, there was a theft at a storage facility 30 km from Tehran. In less than seven hours, 27 of the 32 secure locks were broken, following two months after secret nuclear documents stolen in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2,000 kilometers away, were seen. Iran’s nuclear program is by far the most important for Israel. There have been frequent reports of Israel’s military plan to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

History of female spies

For centuries, female spies have been used to monitor the activities of other nations and kings. Mata Hari, Nancy Wake, Ethel Rosenberg, Anna Champman, Josephine Baker have been world famous female detectives. Thousands of female spies worked against Germany during World War II. These women did their job well without fear of firing squads and without fear of being caught spying for Germany. It is impossible to estimate the number of female spies working in intelligence agencies around the world today, but by placing two women at the top of the Mossad, Israel has certainly taken a step towards honoring their work.

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