India voted against Russia for the first time in the United Nations after the Ukraine war, know what happened

India voted against Russia for the first time in the United Nations after the Ukraine war, know what happened


India is a non-permanent member of UNSC for two years
Procedural vote against the digital partnership of the President of Ukraine
India has voted in favor of joining the President of Ukraine via video

New York. India voted against Russia for the first time on 24 August during the ‘procedural vote’ held at the United Nations Security Council on Ukraine. Meanwhile, the 15-member powerful UN body had invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to address the meeting via video teleconference. According to news agency PTI, this is the first time India has voted against Russia on the Ukraine issue since Russian military action began in February.

Western countries, including the US, have imposed economic and other sanctions on Russia. However, India did not criticize Russia for Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine. New Delhi has repeatedly called on the Russian and Ukrainian sides to return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue, and has also expressed its support for all diplomatic efforts to end the conflict between the two countries.

Russia requests vote
India is currently a non-permanent member of the UNSC for a period of two years, which expires in December. On 24 August, the UNSC held a meeting to review the Six Months War on the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. The meeting began with the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily A. Nebenzia requested a procedural vote regarding the participation of the Ukrainian President in the meeting via video conference.

Zelensky’s support for the partnership
In this regard, 13 countries including India voted in favor of Ukrainian President Zelensky, who participated in the meeting through video conferencing. At the same time, China distanced itself from this process in opposition to Russia. Russia has said on Zelensky’s partnership that it does not oppose it, but such partnership should be personal. Russia’s ambassador Nebenzia said that he opposes Zelensky’s partnership via video conferencing after the situation improved after Corona. Against this objection of Russia, the UNSC conducted a procedural vote, in which India supported the participation of the President of Ukraine through video conferencing.


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