Explainer: How were hundreds of corpses laid during an Indonesian football match, why were tickets sold to fans of this team?

Explainer: How were hundreds of corpses laid during an Indonesian football match, why were tickets sold to fans of this team?


Death toll in stampede during football match rises to 174
Despite the football stadium’s seating capacity of 38,000 people, more than 42,000 tickets were sold.
Persebaya Surabaya secured a thrilling 3-2 win at Arema Malang’s Se Pate Stadium.

Jakarta, The death toll in a stampede during a football match in Malang, Indonesia has risen to 174. In view of the serious condition of dozens of people, it is believed that the death toll may cross 200. According to Indonesian media reports, this match between Persebaya Surabaya and Arema Malang was already going on on Saturday night in Malang city of Java province. Despite this, the situation in front of the officers was what they feared.

What happened during the match that the situation got out of control of the police and tear gas shells were fired at them?

pre match status
Officials fear that there could be a violent clash in the match between the two teams. Organizers had earlier banned fans of one team due to fears of clashes between fans of both the teams. This packed football stadium in Malang sold over 42,000 tickets despite a capacity of 38,000,000 people. However, sensing the possibility of a dispute, the organizers allowed only Arema Malang’s supporters to sit in the field. According to the organisers, they did not allow Persebay Surabaya fans to enter during the match.

Brother Hal with the victory of ‘Parsebaya Surabaya’
In the match that started at 8 pm, Persbay Surabaya registered a thrilling 3-2 win over Arema Malang supporters at Pate Stadium. Seeing Arema Malang losing on their home ground, the spectators of the losing team thronged. They started throwing bottles at players and football officials after the match. Riots broke out outside the stadium. Fans overturned and set five police cars on fire, leaving the situation in the hands of security officials. Along with this, hundreds of people started dharna on the football field to express their anger. One such video shows fans running on the ground after the last whistle.

Police fired tear gas shells against the rules
In view of the riots started by the supporters, the riot control police started firing tear gas shells in the stadium in violation of FIFA rules. Several videos are being shared by football fans on social media where police are seen firing tear gas at people. During this, the spectators ran towards the gate to avoid the tear gas shells, which led to a stampede. More than 34 people were buried in the sudden crowd at the gate and they died on the spot. Many people lost their lives due to injuries and suffocation.

all matches canceled
Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed regret over the incident and ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. He has also ordered the suspension of the Premier Football League until a re-evaluation of match security measures and tight security measures are put in place. Widodo says he hopes the tragedy will be the last tragedy for football in Indonesia. The Indonesian Football Association has also banned Arema from hosting matches for the rest of the season.

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