Essonne: the swimming pool of Les Ulis, completely renovated, reopens its doors

La piscine Ulis vient de rouvrir après deux ans de travaux. La ville avait connu bien des déboires avec cet équipement.

Posted Oct 1, 2022, 10:00 AM

It is a brand new swimming pool that the inhabitants of Les Ulis have just discovered on the occasion of the reopening of the equipment after more than two years of work. Swimmers were able to benefit from free admission for a whole weekend to be able to once again enjoy the 25-meter sports pool and the fun pool. The swimming pool had been closed several years ago because there was a risk of the false ceilings falling on users.

The city of Les Ulis has also experienced many setbacks with this equipment. The work carried out over the past two years was aimed in particular at securing the building. “The equipment had been produced with a strong architectural ambition. Unfortunately, the technical questions were neglected at the time of the construction”, describes Clovis Cassan, the mayor (PS) of Ulis. Built about fifteen years ago, the place benefits from exceptional light with large bay windows. But over the last fifteen years, the equipment has been closed several times and the town hall has won a lawsuit against the project manager.

Structural deficit assumed

The work first consisted of redoing all the false ceilings and the insulation system. The lighting has also been completely redesigned to be less energy-intensive. The cost of the work amounted to approximately one million euros.

The mayor is taking advantage of the reopening to display new public service ambitions. The opening hours are extended to meet the demand of the public and schools. “We want to ensure that all schools in the city can make the most of the equipment. The issue is fundamental if we really want to fight against drownings, which are still far too numerous in this country”, indicates Clovis Cassan.

In addition, the price of the entrance ticket is lowered compared to 2020, from 4 euros to 2.5 euros for the inhabitants of the municipality. The municipality hopes that this incentive rate will lead to an increase in attendance. Contrary to some of his colleagues, the mayor of Les Ulis assumes that the swimming pool is a facility for which a relatively large structural deficit must be assumed. “Before the health crisis, the annual equipment deficit amounted to 700,000 euros annually. This is a significant sum, but it is justified by the undeniable benefits that swimming brings in terms of public health” supports Clovis Cassan.

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