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How to grow okra

Okra, otherwise called woman finger or okra in numerous nations, is a plant of the mallow family whose seeds are eaten. Woman finger is a decent wellspring of minerals, nutrients and enemies of oxidants.

There is conflict about its place of beginning, yet as per most feelings it might have started from West Africa, Ethiopia or South Asia. It is filled in tropical, sub-tropical and blistering environment districts.

botanical name Abelmoschus esculentus
Method of Sowing – Seeds can be sown directly
Sowing Depth (inches) 1 inch
Planting Spacing (inches/feet) Between seeds – 1 foot, between rows – 4 feet
Maturity Day 70-80 days
Where to get seeds Seed Store / Online Order

Best sowing time

Blustery season is generally positive for this, i.e., on the off chance that you plant its seeds in June-July, it will do best.

How to grow okra
Okra plant

soil temperature

Soil temperature ought to be somewhere in the range of 10 and 40 degrees Celsius for seed germination. The seeds might require around 6-8 days to sprout.

The best way to sow seeds

As a matter of some importance, take a compartment of your decision with openings in the base for seepage.

holders or pots Great preparing blend fill in with

Sow 1 B in the focal point of a pot. On the off chance that you need, you can sow one more seed a ways off, just plant sound plants, eliminate the rest.

In the event that established in steam, keep seed to seed separating of 1 foot and line dispersing of 4 feet in steam as its seedlings occupy room to spread.

Press the seeds somewhat into the dirt medium with your fingers and cover them totally with the encompassing soil.

The planted seeds ought to be watered right away so as not to upset the dirt and seeds excessively.

Okra/Okra Stages of development

1-Seedling stage

In the first 6-8 days the seeds will germinate and small shoots will appear. ,


The first 2 leaves will appear in the second week of germination. These are bad leaves, they fall later.

3-first leaves

By the end of the second week the first leaves will emerge on the cotyledons.

4-Growing stage

From the subsequent week, the seeds will begin developing into little plants. ,

After the subsequent week, keep a solitary and sound plant in similar spot, removing powerless, short and hindered shoots with scissors.

Lady Finger in Hindi
Okra flower

How to Care for Ladyfinger Plants


Okra plants need full sun. So keep them in bright sunlight.


Okra plant ought to be watered day to day in summer and each and every day in winter. While watering the plant, ensure that the water is showered on the plant and not as a sharp stream. ,


Apply great quality natural fertilizer in the proportion of 2:1 to the dirt prior to planting. Natural fertilizer can be very much spoiled cow compost, excrement, vermicompost or vermicompost.

At the point when okra plants are over 45 days old, apply 1 teaspoon of 15:15:15 (NPK) manure per plant or add a modest bunch of vermicompost to the dirt around each plant.

plants from insects worry

Continuously watch for early indications of any bug/growth/some other pervasion. Suitable prescriptions ought to be splashed when the side effects of such illnesses show up. The best normal way Neem oil arrangement shower Which you can do routinely for 15-20 days.

harvest harvest

By the start of the subsequent month, ladyfingers will start to sprout; Crude okra seeds can be reaped in 40-50 days in the wake of planting and the gathering season can go on for next 90 days.

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